Frequently asked questions
Can I bring my own food or drink on the boat?

Since we possess a restaurant on board, the food coming from outside is forbidden. The variety of our menu will suit all appetites and budgets. Please consult our Restaurant section for more details about our food options.

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Visit - What is the restaurant's seating capacity ?

Our restaurant possesses 40 places inside and 20 places on our floating terrace when temperatures permit it.

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Can I take a drink on board?

It is possible to consume wine, cocktails or mocktails ordered at the restaurant. If temperature is warm enough, we open a bar in the Garden section to enhance the pleasure of lounging. Since the Bota Bota is a place of relaxation and also for security reasons, we limit passengers to 2 alcohol consumption per visit since alcohol and waters circuits are not do not go well together.

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Is it possible to visit before enjoying the facilities?

You may not visit physically the site.  However, a virtual visit is available on our Water circuits.

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Can I purchase products used during a treatment received on board?

Éminence, Babor and Spa Rituals products are on sale at our store which is located near the reception desk. We also sell swimwear and beach sandals

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What beauty product lines do you use for treatments?

Bota Bota has chosen Éminence products, a range that is well known for plant-based ingredients, and Babor. This last line uses only renewable resources and raw materials from organic agriculture. At Bota Chic, we use the Spa Rituals line and Artistic Color Gel.

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What swimwear is accepted at Bota Bota?

We accept any swimsuit made in a material suitable for water. This directive was put in place for health and safety purposes.

If you have any doubt or you need more details, do not hesitate to contact our agents at 514-284-0333.

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What should I bring with me to Bota Bota?

Have a swimsuit made out of an appropriate water resistant material, beach sandals and a water bottle ~ preferably reusable ~ that you can fill in our water fountains. In order to give our best, the Bota Bota team is committed to making the spa as eco-friendly as possible. Plastic bags are no longer provided in the locker room. We invite you to bring your own plastic or reusable bag for your wet swimsuit. Just like at a hotel, you will be asked for a credit card number upon arrival. Payment will be processed at the end of your visit.

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Can I bring my own bathrobe?

No, you can only wear the bathrobe that is provided to you at your boarding. It is includes in the price of the water circuit.

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What is provided during my stay?

The price of the water circuit access or our treatments include the loan of a bathrobe, a towel and a locker with a key. Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, moisturizer, hair brushes, dryers and flat irons are also available in the locker room. Sandals are not provided but are mandatory.

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Do you provide insurance receipts?

Yes, all our massages are provided with an insurance receipt. In case of loss of the receipt, please contact our reservations center at: 514-284-0333 or

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Do the spa treatment prices include the tip?

No. The tip is left to your discretion. However, to simplify group payments, please calculate the tip in advance. We recommend leaving a tip of 15%. Note that the foodies package gift cards, which include a restaurant portion, do not include tips: it will be added automatically during your stay, but it is not required. It is therefore essential to anticipate that you may have to pay a few dollars when you leave.

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Are there any contraindications for the water circuit and/or massage therapy?

Those with heart problems, hypertension, angina and diabetes, as well as pregnant women, should consult their doctor before visiting the spa. Pregnant women must have completed their 13th week of pregnancy in order to receive a prenatal massage.

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Is it possible to book a treatment without doing the water circuit?

Yes. This is possible, except on Saturday when the water circuit is mandatory. Saturday being the most occupied day of the week, we reserve treatments to our passengers that wish to enjoy the benefits of the water circuit.

On Saturday, a Layover water circuit will be automatically added to your bill upon check-out. The only  exception to the rule is for nail treatments at Bota Chic, available at any time without the water circuit. In these cases, you will receive a different key bracelet, which will give access to the first deck only, the locker room and the restaurant. In order to immerse yourself completely into relaxation, we encourage you to try the water circuit and the thermal experiment.

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Do you have any recommendation for future mom?

Pregnant women must have completed their 13th week of pregnancy in order to receive a massage, which must be adapted for pregnancy and specifically requested at the time of booking. For more details, visit the Mom-to-be section or call 514-284-0333 to speak to one of our agents.

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What is the cancellation policy?

No fee for cancellation or modification made 48 hours prior to your appointment.

  • A 50% cancellation fee is imposed for any cancellation made between 4 hours and 48 hours before treatment time.
  • A 100% cancellation fee will be charged for any cancellation made less than 4 hours before treatment time.
  •  A 100% cancellation fee will be charged in case of a no-show.

That is the reason why we require that you provide a credit card upon booking your appointment, independently of your method of payment.

Our cancellation policy is built to ensure a revenue to our massage therapist if a client doesn’t show up. A confirmation email is sent and if this email is not answered, we will call the day before the appointment.

Events are non-refundable.

To modify or cancel your reservation, please contact us by phone between 9am and 9pm at 514.284.0333

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Purchases & Bookings
Do I need to make a reservation at the restaurant?

We do not accept reservations at the restaurant. We work with the “First come, first serve” philosophy.

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Is it possible to pay in advance my visit?

It is unfortunately impossible to pay your visit in advance when you book by phone. On the other hand, when you book online, payment for the treatment is automatically made to your credit card. Please note that tips, restaurant consumption and access to the water circuit are extra.

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I'm a foreign and I would like to book my treatments. How can I do it?

If it is possible to contact us by phone at + 1-514-284-0333, you can book your treatment with one of our agents. It is also possible to book online. However, if you already booked your treatment online and would like to make a change to this reservation, you can contact our agents by email at the following address:

It is unfortunately impossible to book your treatment by e-mail since we need your credit card information in order to proceed with the booking.

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Do you offer packages for two?

We have several packages for two. All our packages can be adapted for several people, please contact our agents at 514-284-0333 for more information. If the chosen package includes one or more treatments, we recommend that you book at least one week in advance.

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Are children allowed onboard?

No. Bota Bota has a liquor licence restricting the presence of minors on board. Exceptions are authorized for our Pirates Layover and School spring break events. For more information, please refer to our events section.

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What are your accepted methods of payment?

Our accepted payment methods are : credit card (visa, mastercard, amex), debit, cash and our gift cards.
Please note that the surprise effect can not be guaranteed due to the fraud checks that must be made after the purchase.

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How do I reserve?

BY TELEPHONE You can reach our reservation agents between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., 7 days a week, by calling 514-284-0333.

ONLINE Simply click on BOOK either in a treatment or massage therapy page or for a specific event or in our booking section. In addition, certain treatments can only be booked by telephone.

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Is a reservation necessary?

FOR THE WATER CIRCUIT (access to the relaxation areas, the floating terrace, whirlpools, steam bath and saunas) we do not take reservations. However, we advise you to arrive in advance to ensure your place on board the spa-sur-l’eau since we advocate the philosophy of first come, first served. A short wait may be necessary before accessing our facilities. During the busiest periods, there is a possibility to register on our waiting list.

FOR TREATMENTS, we strongly suggest that you book at least one week in advance. Please be aware that we are doing our best to accommodate last minute requests. It is possible to make an appointment for your care online or by phone. Some availabilities do not appear online and some treatments cannot be booked online; do not hesitate to call us and speak to an agent at 514-284-0333. On the phone, a credit card will be requested as a guarantee of payment. Online, the amount for the treatment must be prepaid by credit card at the time of booking.

FOR EVENTS, it is usually possible to book online or by phone. The purchase price of the ticket (s) will be charged to your credit card at the time of booking.

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How many treatments is it possible to have simultaneously for my group?

According to the availability of qualified personnel, we will make every effort to accommodate all members of your group. We invite you to discuss your needs with our Special Clients Advisor.

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Can I reserve the boat entirely for my group or event when Bota Bota after hours?

Yes. You can get information from Special Clients Advisor about prices, conditions and availability.

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Can I reserve the boat entirely for my group or event?

Yes, but since we are open 7/7, the rate will be fixed according to the season, the day of the week, the duration of the rental and the estimated ridership that day. Please contact our Special Clients Advisor.

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Can I reserve the Bota Chic, the manicure-pedicure space, for my group?

The rates to book our Bota Chic exclusives services during three hour period depend on the time and day of the week. Leasing fees of the space can be charged, depending on the nature of your request.

Please note that the cost of the treatments must be added to the cost of space reserving and a 15% gratuity will also be added automatically to the bill.

You should also note that Bota Chic cannot accommodate more than 12 people at the same time.

Rates for reserving the entire Bota Chic space are available upon request.

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Can I organize a cocktail at Bota bota, without doing the water circuit?

No, Bota Bota is not a reception hall, our main focus being relaxation and well-being. If you wish to combine those 2 activities, please the group reservation formula or write an email at

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Do you have a private room for my group?

All space on the boat is used to its maximum potential and we can not privatize a space without amputating our water circuit. You can submit your event proposal by reaching our Group coordinator if you are an individual or by reaching our Corporate Clients Advisor if you are a business. An answer will be given after evaluating your request.

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Can I organize my bachelorette party at Bota Bota?

It is indeed a wonderful place to spend time with friends, but you have to keep in mind that this is a place of calm and relaxation. The majority of the boat’s areas are zoned for complete silence and our stewards will require that you abide by our rules. We ask the organizer to forward the rules and conditions to the guests in order to avoid any disappointments.


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How can I proceed to make a group reservation?

You must complete the Group reservation form and we will contact you later. At the time of the booking, a credit card number is required from the organizer to guarantee the reservation: a part of the payment is also required to be paid in advance.

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How many people do we need to be considered a group?

From 10 people, we offer you the possibility to make a reservation for the water circuit. However, a group of 20 or more people is required to receive a discount. You will find all the details on the group prices page.

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Is it possible to privatize the spa?

Yes. It is possible to privatize all or part of the boat. A personalized and turnkey service is provided either through our rental formula (outside the opening hours of the spa), or through our privatization formula (during the opening hours of the spa). Ideally, contact our Special Client Advisor either by email or by phone at 514-284-0333 to better assess the feasibility of your project.

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Is it possible to organize a corporate event onboard?

Yes, several formulas are possible depending on the space being leased. Taking into account that we are open 7/7, the rate is fixed according to the season, the day of the week, the duration of the rental and the estimated ridership that day. Please send your request to our Special Customer Advisor:

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Do you offer loyalty passport for companies?

Yes. There are two types of loyalty passports available for companies: 6-month or 12-month unlimited passports. These include access to the water circuit, discounts on some treatments, inclusions at the Restaurant La Traversée and discount for guests. For details, rates and restrictions, please contact our Corporate customer Advisor:

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Do you have coporate packages?

Yes, we have a range of preferential rates to purchase gift certificates in large quantities. Please contact the Corporate Clients Advisor by phone at 514-284-0333 to learn more about it or visit our Corporate Services section.

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Do you have special promotions for birthdays?

For our newsletter subscribers, a relaxing thought (with a gift!) will be sent to you the day prior to your birthday.

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Do you give sponsorship?

Bota Bota receives numerous sponsorship requests. Only major sponsorships related to our marketing objectives and meeting the following cumulative criteria will be considered:
– In connection with fashion, sport, design, gastronomy or well-being in an obvious way;
– Ensures high visibility (web media coverage, print, radio or television, newsletter, social media, major blogs, etc.);
– Focus directly on our target audience.

Bota Bota offers only in-service contributions. All sponsorship of monetary nature will be automatically refused. Please note that sponsorship applications will be processed once every two weeks. Please complete the sponsorship application form on our Contact page and send your request to this address:

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Do you offer accommodation?

Unfortunately, we only have treatment cabins. However, we have many hotel partners nearby: please see the Accommodation Packages section for more details. Please also note that this type of booking must be made through the hotel you choose. They will contact us to book your treatments.

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Does the Bota Bota boat leave port?

No. Bota Bota is permanently moored in the Old Port of Montreal. It is not a cruise boat, but rather a ship designed to transport you without moving. As a matter of fact, the engine room was completely gutted and transformed into our locker room!

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Do you partner with influencers?

Yes, however we reserve the right to refuse the offer if we consider that this partnership does not meet our brand image. Please contact 514-284-0333.

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Where can I park my car?

The Grand Quai at 200 de la Commune West houses a public parking near the Bota Bota. Please see the contact page under the section Getting there  for more details related to the different means of transportation.

However, we encourage you to use other means of transportation. Bota Bota is easily accessible by public transport. We are located 10 minutes from Square Victoria metro station (Exit St-Jacques street) and close to several BIXI stations. We are also accessible by bus, lines 715 and 61.

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Is it possible that the water circuit may be closed du to extreme weather (extreme cold, heavy rains, etc.)?

The water circuit is accessible at all times except on Christmas Day, December 25th. Being a Nordic spa, temperature differences can add to the thermal experience. On the other hand, if thunderstorms occur, we have a legal obligation to close the outdoor portion of the water circuit up to 30 minutes after the last thunderclap. An alert will be displayed on our website.

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